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If the old one is broke, you could replace it with a new one rather than attempt cleaning or bypass.
Obviously this is the Manufacturer approved solution, but is this because they are expecting to profit from the part?
Some makes and models are only available as genuine OE filters but most have an aftermarket option these days.
We are happy to supply and install either, the choice is yours. There is a price difference between the two options, the manufacturer part is often twice the price of the aftermarket, they claim a greater longevity of the part.

Example New OEMGenuine BMW DPFCirca £1250

Example AftermarketAftermarket DPF for BMWCirca £675

Example New OEMGenuine VAG DPFCirca £1750

Example AftermarketAftermarket DPF for VAGCirca £875

Warranty & Guarantees

Manufacturer Part Warranty

A new DPF from the manufacturer will come fully warrantied (subject to all the usual conditions and get-out clauses) for a minimum of 12 months although some offer 24 months. There is often a mileage condition applied and disclaimers relating to blockages deemed to be due to misuse or incorrect driving methods. You're basically covered for filter collapse or failure.

Aftermarket Part Warranty

A new DPF from an aftermarket supplier will also come fully warrantied (similarly subject to all conditions and get-out clauses) normally for 12 months. There is often a mileage condition applied and disclaimers relating to blockages deemed to be due to misuse or incorrect driving methods. You're basically covered for filter collapse or failure.

Installation Guarantee

We guarantee our workmanship to be accurate and free of fault period. Wear & tear such as a bolt rusting over a long period of time cannot be avoided but the part will have been fitted and set up properly before it left our workshop. We will always be willing to help you out if you have a problem or need the work rechecked for any reason and if the part itself develops a problem, we'll do our best to get it sorted with the supplier for you as quickly as possible.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • It's a NEW part
  • Not A Modification of Car
  • No Roadworthiness Implications
  • Less Harmful Emissions Maintained


  • DPF could block
  • Often the most expensive option
  • Subject to stock availabilty
  • May Require Other Works too

A Word About Used DPFs

Used DPF Installation

If you would prefer to source a used filter from a breakers yard or online auction site, we will install it and carry out the computer set up for you, subject to a signed disclaimer on the part warranty. Just make sure that the parts are the same or it won't work.

Used Part Warranty

We do not supply used parts and if we don't supply a part we obviously don't warranty it's functionality or longevity.

Installation Guarantee

We always guarantee our workmanship to be accurate and free of fault period. We'll install the used part and set it up correctly but if there's a problem with the actual part you will need to get in touch with your chosen supplier. There will be additional labour charges if we have to repeat the whole installation process multiple times!

The Process

More Information on DPF Renewal

Replacement DPF

Diagnosis First

Please note that we only offer DPF Repair solutions where we have carried out our DPF Diagnostics first.

This is because we take customer satisfaction seriously & cannot guarantee satisfaction if we haven't checked that the repairs will actually solve the problem!
If we do repairs diagnosis is FREE so you won't get any additional charges if your existing diagnosis is correct. If it's wrong you'll save the cost of an ineffective treatment & only get charged £55.

The Works

After the diagnosis process you would have received a report along with estimates for the repairs. In this case, DPF Renewal. You will have decided whether you want OEM or Aftermarket & accepted the estimated costs. We will then raise the new jobsheet from the accepted estimate. You will have to leave the car as we will be awaiting arrival of the part. If we have a courtesy vehicle available you will be offered its usage. The part might be on the shelf or it may come from abroad so timescales can vary.

Computer Activated Adaptations

After installing a new filter, the affected controller units will need to be updated with the new adaptation values for the new filter, the system will also be reset to clear any DPF issues logged from the old part. Once the new part is verified on the system, the regen cycles and data collection will resume to normality.

Quality Control

The final part of the process before you get your car back is the paperwork. After the new part installation and set up, the vehicle is taken for a reasonable test drive on a route where different speeds and load requirements can be attained to test the operation fully.
Once satisfied the technician signs the job off as complete. A senior technician will complete a final QC check prior to the customer service advisors receiving the completed paperwork.

Does Renewal Fix My Car?

Yes but only IF the cause of the failure is resolved too!

Obviously a new filter is free of any blockages, cracks or issues. However it can still block up if there is an underlying issue causing excess particulate or regeneration problems.

If your old filter collapsed or failed due to age or mileage then a new replacement filter should resolve the problem, although we would recommend considering some of our more maintenance based other works as a preventative measure.

Other Repairs

When diagnosing a DPF problem we may identify other faults with the system that have caused the blockage, such as a sensor or upstream failure such as EGR Valve faults. When we prepare the report and estimates for the most appropriate solution, we will include estimates for any other repairs required. Failure to do these may result in the DPF blocking up again in a short period of time or excessive emissions in the case of removal. Please heed our advice, we aren't out to rip you off, we just know what we're talking about and what will cause further problems.

Request Information Pack

Common Other Repairs

Oil Flush & Filter

For best practice we would always recommend having an oil flush and filter renewal with DPF Repairs.

A DPF becoming blocked causes the system to continously attempt regeneration (up until the filter reaches maximum capacity for regen) which involves injecting additional diesel through the system.

This tends to contaminate the oil, hence the recommendation to flush the oil and renew the filter.

From £65 (Avg 4cyl car)

Intake System Decoking

An unfortunate side effect of DPF problems tends to be intake system carbon buildup.

Basically the soot and carbon deposits from the diesel system coke up the intake pipes, manifolds, egr valves etc etc. The volume of soot and carbon is much increased once the DPF becomes blocked and inefficient.

We offer multiple intake system decarb options, you'll receive more information from your customer service advisor.

From £95 (Most Cars)

Intake System Leaks

One of the main causes we find for DPF and carbon problems is an undetected intake system leak.

A small split in a pipe may not cause sufficient deviation from expected values for a MAF fault code to trigger, however it will be having an effect on the carbon build up and subsequent DPF status.

We offer a Smoke Pro Plus leak detector test which will highlight any intake system leaks.

From £25 (Basic Check)

EGR Valve Actuators

Exhaust Gas Recirculation basically recirculates a portion of exhaust gases back into the engine cylinders.

The valve is controlled by either a vacuum based or an electronic actuator valve which opens or closes to admit the exhaust under certain conditions. EGR Valve actuators stuck open or closed cause DPF issues.

EGR Valve cleaning can help, alternatively a new part may be required.

From £125 (Ultrasonic Cleaning)

EGR Valve Blanking

EGR Valves can be unreliable and cause problems and as they are a quite expensive part it has become popular under certain circumstances to blank the valve and bypass it from the system.

Mechanical blanking off is required and an engine ECU map adjustment to maintain emission standards.

There are pros & cons to all modifications, request an info pack or ask about this.

From £295 (Full Process)

Swirl Flap Blanking

Swirl Flaps are small butterly valves fitted to the intake manifold just before the cylinder head intake ports and operated with either a vacuum based or electronic servo mechanism.

Carbon build up on the flaps cause them to stick in one position and strain the system. Flaps can break & get sucked though the engine causing catastrophic failure.

Swirl Flap Bypass is therefore very popular as a precaution.

From £165 (Full Process)

Mass Air Flow Faults

The MAF sensor is used to measure the mass flow rate of air entering the engine.

The purpose of this is for the engine control unit to calculate the correct fuel mass. This means that if the mass air flow sensor or associated pipes have a fault, the engine will over or under fuel. This tends to increase carbon build up.

MAF faults need resolving.

From £55 (Diagnosis)

Sensor Faults

The multitude of sensors on the intake and exhaust system are all linked to the whole system running correctly.

Any sensor faults can trigger error codes & poor running. Even minor inefficiencies or variations can cause carbon build up or inoperation of the DPF regeneration process. A sure way to get a blocked DPF.

Sensor faults need identifying.

From £55 (Diagnosis)

Injector Problems

The injectors obviously inject the fuel entering the engine.

If an injector develops a fault the engine will be over or under fuelling. Not only is this bad for the cylinders but it will also lead to increased carbonisation and soot build up. Injector bench testing tends to be the best way of confirming injector status.

Injector cleaning is popular.

From £15 (Per Injecter Test)

Turbo Actuator Issues

The turbo actuator (also known as wastegate actuator) is responsible for controlling the boost output from the turbo by providing a pressure release valve diverting the gases away from the turbine wheel.

Pressure & heat are a recipe for wear & tear. The actuator spring will weaken & allow premature opening or the diagphram could fail.

An EML will likely illuminate, always get this checked!

From £55 (Diagnosis)

Turbo Problems

The turbocharger works hard and if a problem does develop it would be wise not to ignore it!

Turbochargers get carbonised just like the rest of the system and a Turbo ChemClean will do wonders as a preventative maintenance routine. Keeping the turbine clean definitely increases longevity.

We offer Turbo ChemCleaning or in worse case scenarios replacement of the turbocharger.

From £65 (Turbo ChemClean)

Carbon Treatments

All engines produce carbon as a side effect of the engine combustion process. Carbon Buildup Causes All Sorts of Problems!

Unfortunately not all of the carbon gets emitted via the exhaust system (to be filtered by the DPF), with modern recircularisation systems carbon deposits build up in the intake system. Decarbonisation prevents bigger issues.

We offer Additive Treatments, Chemical Cleaning & Walnut Blasting.

From £95 (ChemCleaning)

Going Forward

Keeping Your DPF Clean

There are ways to get the optimum lifespan and effeciency from your diesel particulate filter. If you're going to the expense of getting the filter cleaned or renewed, the last thing you want is to be back in the same position anytime soon.
We are big fans of preventative maintenance and the best way to keep the system in optimum condition is to keep your engine well maintained with clean oil regularly. Ask your servicing workshop to check for carbon build up with your annual service and if there's any deposits present have a decoke and additive treatment before it gets worse. Use premium fuel every third tank of fuel, the extra additives actually do make a difference and keep the fuel system clean.

1 in 3

Use Premium Fuel Every 3rd Tank

12k or 1yr

Traditional Oil Change Intervals


Consider Carbon Treatment Checks


BiAnnual Additive Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Good Old FAQs; if we've missed something you want to know - just get in touch

Diesel Particulate Filter longevity is understandably variable between brands of car and also with the standard of maintenance on the vehicle. The average is considered usually between 85000 miles ~ 125000 miles and up to 10 years.
All DPF renewal installations with us come with a full guarantee on our workmanship. The actual part warranty will depend on whether it is new or used and whether aftermarket or genuine. Full part warranty information will be provided with your estimate but there's a guide futher up this page.
The timescale varies slighly between vehicle brand and model specifications. We can generally complete the entire process within one day although we may have to wait for the replacement part to arrive. Timescales can be clarified once we confirm what option you have chosen.
For your convenience we have a small fleet of courtesy vehicles. Subject to availability, a hire agreement and adding fuel you are most welcome to book a courtesy car.
We would start with chemical cleaning purely for economic purposes. However if you feel that the vehicle is likely to do another 85000 miles or more, a new filter could be considered a wise investment.
Yes of course. If it has one it can be renewed!
Without a crystal ball it's hard to say! Take a look at the reasons they block on the home page, if they apply to your car then probably.


From £55

Free with Repairs


From £195

Disclaimer Required


From £250

Disclaimer Required


From £750

Aftermarket Installed